Self Catering

Here at Royale Cuisine we are aware that some circumstances when you the customer do not require a full event catering package. Maybe you are holding a small party at your home or a lunch time meeting in your offices and merely require platters of food to be delivered.

Martin Spencer having been involved in kosher food preparation for many years, understands whatever the customer requires it must always deliver the highest quality cuisine, together with the highest quality presentation. To this end some 10 years ago a delivery service was started and remains as successful today as it was when it was launched.

Whether you require platters for 2 people or 200 people, the food will be prepared fresh on the day and delivered on exceptional platters that would not look out of place in the finest of eateries.
Please contact of our dedicated staff members who will only be too pleased to discuss your individual requirements and guide you through the ordering process.

Royale Cuisine – understanding all aspects of kosher food preparation and catering in London and beyond.